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Traffic Offences/ Provincial Offences 

Paralegals can provide legal advice and represent people who have been given a ticket or a summons under hundreds of different laws and by-laws. ie: Highway Traffic Act.

LononLaw Paralegal Services is your one-stop solution for defending these matters in Ontario!

Our experienced team delivers excellent results in areas of: speeding tickets, careless driving tickets, racing or stunt driving, red light tickets, stop sign traffic tickets, driving while under suspension, insurance violations and any other traffic ticket or moving violation as well as other provincial offences such as alcohol and tobacco related offences etc.

At LondonLaw Paralegal Services we understand that every case is unique and individual. Because of this, we offer personalized solutions for every case.

8 Reasons Why You Should Fight a Traffic Ticket


1. Are you innocent? Been treated poorly? You do have rights!


2. Insurance Rates

“Will my insurance go up?” Once you pay a traffic ticket in Ontario you are pleading guilty to the offence and it will immediately show up on your driving record for your insurance company to see. Even if you don’t win you will still have the luxury of postponing the traffic ticket charge from appearing on your driving record by fighting it. This is especially helpful when you have a traffic ticket that will be coming off of your record in a few months, avoiding multiple traffic convictions that could affect your insurance.


3. Future Traffic Tickets

One traffic ticket may not worry you and your insurance company may even forgive you without increasing your insurance rates, maybe. Maybe not. If you receive another conviction or traffic ticket though, your insurance will increase dramatically. Be smart and think ahead to avoid these stressful situations in the future.


4. Keeping a Clean Driving Record

Some jobs may require you to have a clean driving record. In Ontario a traffic ticket is not listed on your driver’s abstract until you are convicted of that ticket in court. Fighting a traffic ticket can postpone it from being listed on your driving record for up to a year or more.


5. Demerit Points

A traffic ticket may include more than just the fine amount listed on the ticket. Most traffic tickets come with demerit points against your licence. If you accumulate too many demerit points, the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) may suspend your driver’s licence.


6. You May Not Know What You’re Getting Into

Most traffic tickets and summons include not just the fine, but demerit points and some with a licence suspension and even possible jail time. Some fines can be go as high as $10,000.


7. We Fight For You

LondonLaw Paralegal Services can handle everything on your behalf. We will do everything from filing for your court date, ordering the officers disclosure, building your defence and fighting your Ontario traffic ticket in court on your behalf. This will allow you not only the benefits of a professional and highly successful defence team, but it will also save you the time and stress of fighting your traffic ticket yourself.


8. Police Officers are Sometimes Wrong

The Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA) is only a small aspect of what police officers learn at the police academy. Not only is the Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA) very detailed, but it is also easily misinterpreted

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